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Our Story

Our passion for Turkey perfection started 30 years ago on our farm outside of St. Louis. Some friends had come out for the day to turkey hunt and were successful early in the day. Phil would never forget when his friend pulled out what looked like a small barbeque pit and fired it up. After he prepped the turkey he put it in the smoker and 12 hours later it was done. Now I’m not sure I can explain what I experienced but I can say that when I took my first bite it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. To this day, I remember that day like it was yesterday, and it still makes my mouth water. From that moment on it became my passion, to not only duplicate what I experienced but to make it better, and over time, IT HAS BECOME BETTER.

The Turkeys were just the beginning!  As time went on Phil’s passion for barbequing and cooking evolved into Hog Call Barbeque, a successful fulltime business where Phil caters hundreds of events in the greater St Louis area and beyond. Since then, Phil and his team have been fully dedicated to delivering holiday turkeys and meals, event catering, and growing his new event center.

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